Father & Son Killed in Semi Crash inn Grant County “Breaking News Update”

by: KSN News Posted: Oct 27th 2019 3:35pm / Update Oct. 28th 2019 9:00 am                                                                                                            Father and Son Killed in Grant County Kansas after a Semi Truck failed to yield. Kevin Coyle and Gerald Coyle both from Turpin Oklahoma died from injuries sustained at the scene.

Attorneys Comments: “It’s a dangerous area prone to auto collisions. We see tragedies like this all the time. The families are entitled to additional investigations into the driver and the circumstances that led to the collision. Immediate moneys are available to the family for funeral arrangements. I advice the families to seek legal assistance. Staff @ Irons Law Group PLLC “Trucking Accident Attorneys, Oklahoma” birons@ironslegal.com (918) 260-7033 

The Kanas Highway Patrol says the semi was traveling West on Grant County Road 10 and the pickup truck was going South on Grant County Road X. The driver of the semi truck failed to yield right of way to the pickup truck at the intersection and caused the collision.